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Where Two Oceans Meet

One Mother Earth

One Mother City

One Ocean

One Breath

One Choice

One Night


A Gathering in One Night

at One&Only Cape Town.

A fundraiser for the Turtle Conservation Centre,

hosted by the Two Oceans Aquarium Foundation.

A transformative evening of mesmerizing art,

slow fashion, zero-waste food, and song

in celebration of our magnificent sea turtles.

A remembrance of our deep connection to one another

& the ancient knowledge of the ocean that resides within us. 


What does zero-waste mean in food terms?

One&Only Cape Town’s Resort Chef, Henrico Grobbelaar and his kitchen have risen to the delicious challenge of creating a bespoke, plant-based menu for this year’s One Blue Heart gala. Chef Henrico explains his thoughts behind each dish, stating, “To bring the ocean into a vegan menu, and simultaneously, in the interests of the lowest possible carbon footprint, to use only local ingredients, is challenging. I tried to amalgamate the core concepts of the event into every aspect of the menu; using only local produce, recreating elements of the ocean and keeping everything plant-based.”


Slow Fashion garments are crafted with care & purpose. They become vessels of personal stories, cultural heritage, & limitless imagination. Together, we rewrite the narrative of gala fashion, infusing it with mindful consumption, individuality, & reverence for our oceans. Slow fashion emerges as a symphony of conscientious creation. Each stitch whispers tales of dedication

To get on board read our guide to slow fashion here:


Art has always spoken for our people and our planet , conveying history, emotions and telling stories. 

As part of the experience, we curated pieces that resonate with the message and heart of the event as well as a beautiful art exhibition, 'Nothing Comes without its World', with the support of Dr Dylan McGarry, Cloud Digital, the V&A Waterfront and supporting artists. A snippet of this will be showcased at the event and will extend beyond. 


Click here to read more about the artists involved.

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