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Do you know how your clothing impacts the oceans?

Approximately 60% of our clothing is derived from plastic-based fabrics, a concerning statistic. When clothing made from these fabrics is washed or sent to a landfill, plastic microfibres are released into the environment. Shockingly, reports indicate that at least half a million tons of plastic microfibres are discharged into wastewater from the washing of synthetic clothes annually. As a result, marine wildlife is living in a sea of plastic.

For this reason, we would love you to help us make ocean-friendly fashion the norm. The simplest and most effective changes to make are to slow down your fashion consumption, buy with intention, wash your clothes less often, and ensure your clothes last for years. When you do need to acquire new items, opt for natural fibres such as cotton and wool, or consider circular designs like upcycled clothing created by conscious brands that operate in small, eco-conscious batches.


One Blue Heart 2023 saw a splendid showcase of sustainable fashion on the slower, gentler, and intentionally wilder Blue Carpet. Guests were encouraged to contemplate their attire choices for the evening and to make use of the invaluable Slow Fashion Guide thoughtfully provided by Twyg.

Ann Lamont, the Executive Chairperson of the Two Oceans Aquarium Foundation, exquisitely adorned herself in a stunning dress from VIVIERES Studio, which was a rental piece returned to VIVIERS after the event. Furthermore, on the Blue Carpet, Ann graced the occasion with a pair of beautiful burgundy ADIDAS 4DFWD X PARLEY SHOES gifted to her by Adidas.

Talitha Noble, Turtle Conservation Manager of the Two Oceans Aquarium Foundation, was dressed in a phenomenal piece especially chosen for her by, W35T, a local slow fashion designer.

Cleo Droomer, story-tailor and Twyg 2022 Changemaker Award winner, crafted a magnificent and meaningful dress for Aaniyah Martin, founder of The Beach Co-op. This piece was lovingly made by Cleo, by combining pieces of ancestral fabrics belonging to his grandmother and Aaniyah’s grandmother.

Style Rotate, a South African circular fashion platform, provided a wonderful array of outfit choices for each member of the Two Oceans Aquarium Foundation team, ensuring that they could each feel and look fabulous as they guided and assisted guests during the evening.

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