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Turtle Conservation Centre

A Turtle Story at the Two Oceans Aquarium Foundation:

  • A monumental dream that needs support: Creating a haven for marine wonders—the Turtle Conservation Centre.

  • Current impact: Over 1000 turtles given a second chance at life by the Two Oceans Aquarium Foundation.

  • Urgent need: All seven marine turtle species endangered or critically endangered.


  • Plastic perils: 71% of rescued turtles have consumed plastic.

  • Our commitment: Protecting and preserving their ancient legacy.

Read more about the Foundation and its work here.

Pan- Martine Viljoen.jpeg
Hatchlings - Martine Viljoen.heic
Martine Viljoen 2022 Hatchlings.jpeg
Olaf - Martine Viljoen.jpeg

Image credit: Two Oceans Aquarium Foundation

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